You want to change your style and upgrade your appearance? Then this is for you.

Course in English | Mit deutschem Support!

Which life do you want? As we grow older, try to build a successful career, we realize that some things need to change.

We don´t look like the other successful women- they seem to be so stylish and perfect!. We have bellies, wrinkles, have a not-so-big-budget maybe...The student style is outdated, the full wardrobe needs a system- and how to stop buying wrong pieces? Actually this course will change everything from scratch. Therefore I built it.

What do you need now? Is it really just about clothes? My 20 years experience in style and fashion show a fascinating correlation between style quality and life quality. The law of attraction is everywhere...

I thought I just uplift my style a bit but- I had no idea what happened instead. I changed my style, my selfview and got so much confidence to stand out. * Client´s words after the course.

Program Overview


  • You identify the right style for you- no wrong buys any more.

  • Getting to know the right colours and how to combine them

  • Learning to shape your body and style it as cool as trendsetters- no matter which size

  • Style change on a budget- the best tips in how to invest smart in a chic, rich wardrobe without breaking the bank

Ich fühle mich viel selbstbewusster, losgelöst mich irgendwelchen Trends zu unterwerfen. Ich trage das, wo ich mich wohl fühle, das spüre und fühle ich dann auch. Bin irgendwie innerlich gewachsen. Stell mich hin und lache in die Kamera als wäre es mein bester Freund. Dankeschön liebe Sonja für dein tolles Programm 😁 Hilf weiter Frauen sich selbstbewusst zu zeigen. So wie ich 💃🏻 Lucia H., Taschendesignerin

Bad news first - no matter how skilled you are, it is about YOU, not about your diplomas.

Good news: even as a goofy person, a shy person, an introvert- it is possible to be seen and- more important recognized as a skilled an interesting woman people want to work with. But it - needs some work before: not(!) a diet but some fundamental style skills. Maybe you know some of these problems:

  • Do you feel invisible?

    The reasons are multifold. Besides shyness it often has to do with too dark colours, too basis outfits, a lack of style quality, wrong style for your professional field- so that people don´t consider you as an expert they may need.

  • Wrong image- underestimation

    When the clothes, hairstyle, make-up etc are, look and feel "cheap" , lazy or bad quality, it radiates a wrong message. Result: price discussions, wrong buyers, getting the bad jobs...

  • Arrogant, unfriendly vibe turning people away

    This is special. You may have style sense but with choosing wrong colours, too sharp shapes and clothes it can create a visual message which doesn´t support your character. Person and styling have to fit to feel authentic.

  • Invisible after 40

    The older we get the less constrasts we have in our face- and as we know that our society has just opened up to women after 40, we need to consider some points to stay in the spotlight. Besides colours it is the make-up and hairstyle. Checking the eye brows, enhancing the eyes etc...

  • Feeling unattractive with size L- and hiding

    This IS a problem. I know it because I am curvy, too. So what do most women do when they feel too curvy and hate their body? They hide behind black, dark clothes. Result: they turn invisible.

  • Inconsistent look- sometimes good- sometimes bad

    This is a big problem, often combined with a super-full wardrobe. There is so much in it but it doesn´t support you.

Hello, I am Sonja.

"You are clear and kind and such a wonderful stylist". Jamilyn.H. Opernsängerin, USA

Believe me, I made every mistake! And as a styling expert I just wanted to style others- but not what happened? But after I found my true styles, learned how to shape my curvy body best it felt so easy to show myself. Amd not only that: This without following one blueprint for a "classy woman". NO, I CREATED MY OWN STYLE- the one which resonates with me!! And it brings me the clients and people and jobs I always wanted to have. LAW OF ATTRACTION, BABY! And this is the feeling I want to create for you, too.

From L to M. Instant improvement of your look.

Body, face, hair get their best clothes and styles

Flat belly, pretty legs, body posture- with easy to implement style hacks you elevate your features.

You become your own style pro

From combining colours to playing with your body proportion

All these little and crucial steps will come together. Knowing your colours, knowing how to style your legs and find the right skirt length and more....

Easy from home

Just need your wardrobe, a mirror and your smartphone/laptop

I know you don´t have a lot of time. So you geht the chapters step by step. I built a system where we start with the fundament and then go from colours to your body shape to your style personality. BONUS: You can get want to top this amazing style journey, you can combine it with a 1:1 experience with me. Yes, you can ask me personally. This bonus for a reasonable price is only available for students of this course!


“Ich kann nur eines sagen- außer, das es toll war. Ich stehe nach der Zeit mit Sonja und WONDER WOMAN ganz anders da. Die anderen sehen es, spüren es. Und ich freue mich auf die weitere Zusammenarbeit mit Sonja. So schnell bist Du mich nicht los!”

Barbara H

“In meiner Arbeit merkte ich, dass ich nicht ernst genommen wurde. In Wonder Woman haben wir meinen Stil verändert, dass er jetzt auch Autorität ausstrahlt- ohne dass sich jemand vor mir fürchten muss. Jetzt werde ich mit viel mehr Respekt behandelt. Und die Arbeit ist jetzt viel einfacher geworden.”

Theresa K.

“3 Erlebnisse in den letzten Wochen: 1. Glauben Menschen, ich bin verliebt, weil ich so strahle. Menschen erkennen mich nicht, wnen ich mich in meinem neuen Stil zeige. Und ich finde es so gut, zu wissen, wie ich wirklich aussehen will und wie man das auch umsetzt. Vielen Dank!”

Christa A.

Course Overview

Here’s how I can help you…

  • you get the look you want- which makes you standing out

  • your body is well-shaped

  • you are the difference. You get the best ideas for your unique selling style which makes you stand out with quality and beauty


Enrol and you get:

  • Welcome 1:1 Session with me where we talk about your goals and wishes

  • My personallly(!) curated style boards for you curated style boards
  • Body analysis and styling
  • Individual colourtype analysis and colour palette


  • Live Styling Session infront of your wardrobe
  • One big style topic per week
  • Personal contact with your style guide, me!

  • This program is for women who want to do some things by herself but want the personal support and help and a VIP experience

Social proof: testimonials

“"I enjoyed working with Sonja on upgrading my style and image through her remote coaching app. I never expected that I needed such a program because I thought appearance is less important than the substance of what I do. I was pleasantly surprised when Sonja helped me peel off the surface of fashion and style and see the true messages that lie underneath. She shined the light on how clothes can radiate and reflect our energy and how we--as female entrepreneurs--show up in the world. There are so many pieces to styling and photography that trying to tackle them is like solving a 1,000-piece puzzle. Sonja's coaching definitely helped me put the pieces together in a more coherent way and gave me the confidence to show up to my audience with the right messages." ~Louisa Wah, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach”

Louisa Wah, New York

“Ich fühle mich viel selbstbewusster, losgelöst mich irgendwelchen Trends zu unterwerfen. Ich trage das, wo ich mich wohl fühle, das spüre und fühle ich dann auch. Bin irgendwie innerlich gewachsen. Stell mich hin und lache in die Kamera als wäre es mein bester Freund. Dankeschön liebe Sonja für deine tolle Arbeit 😁 Hilf weiter Frauen sich selbstbewusst zu zeigen. So wie ich 💃🏻”

Lucia H.

I am so ready and cannot wait to look fantastic!

I want to see you win. Now is your time to show yourself in a new light.

Changing a style is a bit tricky. With a cheap book, a style app, the tips of a sales is not possible. With a course like this- definitely. And yes- of course, it would absolutely help to have me on your side. So, here this offer: when you see that this selfhelp course is great but you want my personal support like my VIP clients, then please ask. PRICE BONUS FOR COACHING & FEEDBACK SESSIONS, only for course participants!

About Frau Jona&Son

Frau Jona&Son is Sonja Wöhrenschimmel-Wahl. Studied Textile Arts and Design. Fashiondesigner. First Austrian "EcoFashion Blog", since 2007. Fashiondesign, workshops for redesign and style. Author of "ReDesign", March 2016, Haupt Verlag. Diploma Style Consulting. Diploma Make-up-artist. Several articles for Austrian magazines. Covered in several Austrian and German magazines, newspapers, platforms.