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" Thank you I am sparkling now. Or, let´s say it more professional: I look like the expert I really am. No imposter syndrom any more."

Lisa L.

style and brand yourself with confidence


No matter how experienced you are as a woman and entrepreneur- finding your style and look which resonates with your business and your audience...is hard. How t shape the body, how to look amazing even if there are some pounds extra. How to overcome the fear of visibility and...how to look rich and upgraded without a big budget?

The courses you'll find in the Frau Jona&Son Style Academy are designed to empower you to make the very best decisions possible about how you style yourself and use what you have. Either your body, your wardrobe or your skills. With more money and with less.

My personal approach is about helping you make smart choices and style yourself up. To create your successful, sustainable business. My approach is to deliver affordable, tangible and up- levelling courses for you and the best start in your successful life. 

And- as you see- personal guidance through my styling & branding programs to make it easy for you to get your results in a short time. All the best, Sonja

"I always though that I am wrong and not beautiful enough and now I see that I am beautiful. I found my bold, classy and professional side with your help."

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