You want a handful of super-stylish outfits for your everyday needs? Without clutter and clothes chaos?

Then you need to understand what you actually like, need and what fits your body shape, your colours and style taste. Ready to know more?

The only way to get this curated closet is to know what to remove!

What Liza want to share..

“My closet was a mess. I had changed my job, gained a bit of belly weight, have become a mom- and my closet felt just false. I had the feeling that I have nothing to wear. Sonja helped me to get clear and declutter. And keep the smart pieces for various styles. Plus: helped me to accept my belly, style it right- instead of hating my mirror image. Thank you so much!”

Liza B., entrepreneur

“This course is gold. It helped me to focus on the right points. I didn´t buy any new pieces after this course with Sonja- except a secondhand trenchcoat- for the last weeks. Because she showed me how to style with what I have. So I packed all the unworn stuff in a bag and put it away- while reusing some old pieces again, mixing them better. Thanks so much!”

Christine M., marketer

“I stumbled upon Sonja on Instagram and saw the invitation to the course. As I like her style and Instagram, I wanted to give it a try. Just want to say- this course is too cheap. I had some style consultings before, but no one could give me what I got from this course. The real base for building up my dream wardrobe- without shelve warmers and unnecessary stuff. Thank you for opening my eyes.”

Angie F., secretary

First, this workshop is not a Marie Kondo decluttering method copy.. It is the step by step process I developed for my own wardrobe and based on my client´s needs.

Soja who? Who are you to know it better than a world known decluttering celebrity? Actually, I am in fashion and style for more than 15 years, I worked with dozens of women 1 on 1 and due to my own experience as a designer turned into a mom, gained weight, lost selfconfidence, created a chaotic closet and finally making my own capsule wardrobe....phew...I know exactly how to combine fashion sense with less pieces.

Today I am excited to announce that the system is ready for release. Introducing the " 7 STEPS CLOSET REMAKE".

Finally, I have put together the most essential steps to identify the gaps and recognize the unnecessary stuff, which just clutters your closet. In case you love Marie Kondo´s theories, please do this course before you get rid of your clothes after her method- because you need to know more than just her "does it make you feel good or not?" approach to make your minimalistic life happen.

Here´s exactly what you will discover inside the "7 step capsule closet system"...

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  • The 7 steps from being an unaware clothes owner to a knowing style- person. So that you never buy the wrong pieces again.

  • Declutter your closet. So that you are able to reorganize it afterwards and see the gaps.

  • Styling advice from the professional, seen with the designer´s eye. A huge diffrerence when you want to overcome average looks for your figure.

What you know after the workshop

What do you want to have?

+Knowing what to keep, what to give away? +How to combine colours and make your figure look slimmer? Stop, stop, stop :-) FIRST; IT NEED TO BE DECLUTTERED TO BUILD THIS SUPER CAPSULE WARDROBE!! And you need to understand better what you really need. You can know it in the a few hours. Hundreds of styles with just a few pieces- you will learn it. Because there are three things every closet needs- basics, fancy pieces , accessories which give the collection the individual twist. But they need to fit in your everyday life to be worn- and they need to make you and your body feel and look better. You need to KNOW it. Are you ready to know more about yourself, your habits, your real needs?

The steps from chaos to sassy capsule system

How you will walk through this afternoon

  • Step 1 - get clear on your schedule

    You´ll get real and get clarity on what you actually do and need. You will love this first session :-)

  • Step 2- get clear on your body, colours & face

    They are crucial and determine the clothes and styles you really need to enhance it, make it more attractive, embrace it- and which work against you.

  • Step 3- Your goals as the guideline

    Now, when the physical features are checked, you go a bit deeper- I help you to get clear on your goals and how this plays an important role in separating the right from the wrong.

  • After decluttering - new style ideas

    How to style various outfits- with the same pieces. And which magic pieces you should always keep.

  • Easy on your phone, laptop in your pace

    Get all the steps in a tangible way. You can be anywhere, in bed, in front of the closet, etc. The course is easy to go through in one afternoon.

  • This course for less than a pair of jeans

    Do you have an idea how much money you invest in clothes every year? This course helps you save money from now!


I am ready to get my closet decluttering done.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The start!

  • 2

    Modul 1- the 7 golden steps to your decluttered closet and your true chic

    • STEP 1- know your state. Let´s start with decluttering!

    • Step 2- Know your colour palette

    • Step 3- Identify your body shape and know what it needs

    • Step 4- Know your style taste- who are you?

    • Step 5 and 6 | Inventory and New Start


    • Step 7 | The new start, your new closet

    • Styling Session with Basics, Accent Pieces and Accessories

    • Style Session- with Basics, Accent Pieces and Accessoires

  • 3

    Bonus at the end- the shortcut to your multitalented wardrobe

    • Your action steps to your simple, multifunctional wardrobe


  • And afterwards? How can I build up my wardrobe now???

    Yes, I do. I have two options for you. First, my self-learning course FIND YOUR HIGH LEVEL STYLE for finding your style. You get it in my offers. And secondly, I can help you 1 on 1. Message me office(at)

  • Tell me more!

    Okay, lady: It is a self-learn course, pretty short and to the point. You can do it in one afternoon or faster, you can take the time and do each of the 7 step in one day- it is up to you.

  • Is this course for any size?

    Yes, it is made for everyone who wants to declutter and never buy unintentionally again.

  • Ich spreche Deutsch, ähm, kann ich den Englischkurs trotzdem machen?

    Sicher! Das Englisch ist leichtes Englisch :-)

  • I am not a fashion expert, will I understand it?

    Yes! This is written for beginners! And it shows a tangible way to get your results.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

    No, this course is working as it should, it has worked for more than 50 women- so there is no need for a money-back philosophy. In case you have questions, feel free to message me.