High-achieving woman, welcome!

Can you afford not standing out yet? Difficult because you don´t like your body shape? NOthing seems to look good enough on it? IDENTIFY YOUR BODY SHAPE It is possible- for the curvy or the too slim..to adjust and enhace what you have. Look taller, slimmer, more attractive. No diet needed. But first, you need to know more about your body shape to jump into style.You will be guided- step by step.

This is a self-learning mini course on one of the most important topics when it is about styling yourself best. Nothing is more obvious than your body shape and size. Learn to understand which clothes do you really need and which are totally wrong.

I cannot wait, I am ready!

Never stop yourself because you don´t like your body. This body and this face can carry you through the important presentation to your clients, an intimate conversation, taking pictures, standing in front of 100 people. Understand which clothes you really need, transform your style,and win their hearts.

Just see how this great lady became a beautiful boss after learning to understand her body shape and style it best.

SEE THE DIFFERENCE? Sandra always felt bad in her body. Wore random body-covering dresses with leggings. Okay, she loved her eyes...but the rest?? Just see these two pictures. The same person, before and after styling. See the difference of expression. From bland plus-size to bold boss in easy-to-follow steps. It is a question of style technique, of photography skills, of make-up. THIS SHOULD BE YOU. This is you, when you start your body shape journey.

Curious? An attractive body is reachable for you- even if you are curvy.

Your body has a dimension, height, its proportions. When they are balanced, it is pretty unimportant which size it has. A body appears too too curvy, too petite when this balance is missing. Create your own balance and look beautiful. BUT FIRST, LEARN HERE WHAT BODY TYPE YOU REALLY ARE. Learn the basics. And then rule the world.


“Dear Sonja, I want to tell you what has happened after you changed my look. First, I want to thank you! I love to style myself up and have been upgrading my wardrobe after your coaching. People notice me and it doesn´t feel overwhelming any more. I am cool, I am curvy and bold and I stay in the limelight. And I am successful! People trust me, they pay my higher(!) prices and that pushes me further and further. But the first step was you. Thank you so much!”

Sabine M.

YOUR BODY SHAPE CHECKER and why it is game-changing.

  • You never lose money on the wrong clothes again

    What is the problem? Having too many clothes- and the wrong ones? Now you will focus on the right clothes and styles- no need for losing money any more. This super-affordable mini-course opens the door.

  • You get your beauty back

    From now on you will serve your body shape with the right styles- because you know what you need to do to improve your body as you want.

  • Easy to check-Guide

    In the next hour, you know which body type you are- and then get first ideas on how to implement the new knowledge. Start your new style career today and never run out of ideas.

  • You cannot wait to show up now

    Nothing more to say. No wrong-buys, no compensation with cookies, you just love what you see in the mirror and cannot wait to show up- going live, making pictures, attracting people, selling to people with more ease. BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU NEED to look amazing.

THE FIRST STEP YOU GET HERE. You identify your body shape and size

This is what you get here. Want a little view in the future? The next step after this course, after this knowledge? Then have a look at the next point.

POSSIBLE IN THE NEXT WEEKS: Become your own style strategist, look amazing, well-shaped and in alignment with your message

NEXT STEP AFTER THIS COURSE. 1. You get your tailored styles for your individual body shape. Step by step you learn how to do. To look best for the goals in your business and in private life. Meeting, camera-beauty, Instagram, the first dinner with your new love? Perfect. THIS WILL BE COVERED IN THE COURSE " STYLING COURSE FOR BODYTYPE..."..so there will be available tailored courses for each body type.

Fast styles without a diet and breaking the bank

It is easy for you to combine clothes. Every day, every occasion. So, dressing is a matter of minutes now. And you don´t need to make a diet or break the bank.

Hello, I am Frau Jona&Son

Personal Brand Stylist & Designer.

This is me. All of them. And many more. One day, while writing on my book "ReDesign", a horrible thought came into my mind. In some months you have to present your book, give interviews and stand out." Horrible! I gained weight and felt unattractive, bland and hid myself behind my website. AND I HAD NO MONEY LEFT FOR NEW STYLES!!! The change came when I changed my mindset. JUST DO IT AND SHOW UP. FIRST, I became my own client and digged deep. Found the styles which make me felt secure, beautiful and made my life amazing. Now I show my clients how to transform, firnd their styles, show their expertise and feel really great when they see themselves in the mirror. Besides, I am a mom of 2 boys, living on a beautiful farm in Austria, love nature, garden work, biking, writing and being connected with the world.


Know which body type you are

Make your Clothes Size looking best

Getting first styling ideas for your body type


No wrong-buys and desperate style attempts any more.


6 months from now you can either be stuck in the same place or you stand out

It is up to you. Choose your way. Going and struggling alone with hiding your body, fighting with a chaotic closet and dressing bland and basic. Just think of the positive results when showing up- but not as the struggling person- as the sparkling version. Think of the difference.

About Frau Jona&Son

Frau Jona&Son is Sonja Wöhrenschimmel-Wahl. Studied Textile Arts and Design. Fashiondesigner. First Austrian "EcoFashion Blog", since 2007. Fashiondesign, workshops for redesign and style. Author of "ReDesign", March 2016, Haupt Verlag. Diploma Style Consulting. Diploma Make-up-artist. Several articles for Austrian magazines. Covered in several Austrian and German magazines, newspapers, platforms.