Welcome at "Camera Confidence"!

Do you want more attention, followers and PAYING clients?! Follow the steps in this online course to grow your camera confidence and show up in an atractive and thrilling way. So, you've created your offer with your love, dedication and sweat ... now what do you do?! You're an expert in YOUR thing, but what if you're NOT an expert in making it public, showing yourself in a compelling way? HOW do you actually get 'out there' and sell it?! In this guided online class (with secret Facebook Group access), I walk you step by step to your wonderful self-made pictures, made by yourself. Time to show up, the world needs you.

NOTE. This is not a random self-learning course. And it is not an marketing course, but it will lay the best base to make yourmarketing easier because you are camera confident. 

 This is a 6 weeks photo & style transforming time. You will get your safe haven to grow and experiment. 

All the best, Frau Jona&Son, green stylist and designer...and some years ago, the most camera-shy person...



Just even if you didn´t know it. There is no magic wand which deletes camera shyness. It is a matter of practise, design and styling skills and a bit tech.
It simply comes down to knowing WHAT strategies to use, how good styling works and implementing them over time. Let me show you the magic steps and how you get your immediate results soon.  

Do you want to learn what it needs to look great and make great pictures from home?

Let´s talk about the path from A to B.

Styling. Shaping. Make-up. Posing. Mindset. Setting. Background. Mindset. Photo. Retouch. Filter. THE PATH FROM A TO B IS WORK, IT NEEDS TIME. BUT THE STEPS ARE SIMPLE. THE PATH TO YOUR AMAZING PICTURES AND FEEDS IS NO ROCKET-SCIENCE. BY THE WAY. The lady in the middle, that´s me. I had the honour to style these ladies for an Austrian magazine.

What you will get here

Confidence in many ways. And a lot of the pictures to uplift and enhance your mission.

  • Identify your key styles and learn how to shape

    You get your beautiful body back! Learn step by step how to adjust your body with the right shapes and proportions. Learn how colours ans accessoires uplift and improve your body shape and appearance.

  • Simple Setting and technical stuff how-tos

    From the backdrop to setting in your home, you don´t need a lot. What you really need for a great picture and how to create fancy and cheap backdrops in your own home. This is really simple, affordable and so effective!

  • Pose with confidence!

    Hate being in front of the camera? You're not alone, I show you the best angles, how to pose with different body sizes for looking fabulous. We are here for great pictures, not more. So, better take imperfect action than none.

  • You are guided through

    This is not a random self-learning course where you get stuck after the first week. And finally, stop after the second. No, lady! I am here, I hold your hand, I hold you committed and you get honest and constructive feedback on your styles and photography results. You ask, I aswer. You go further to your amazing results.

  • Gorgeous Pictures for different needs

    First the pictures and then the retouch. What you need is a bit technical stuff and your smartphone, 2-3 apps and that´s it. And then you can create the mood picture, the self-portrait, the backstage pic and more... and they look professional.

  • Branding ready, pictures ready for your Insta & more

    Finally, it is about branding and choosing wisely. WHICH pictures do you need? Which set, which mood and message. You learn to adjust your feed and align it and your pictures with your message to your dream audience.

"I never thought that I get so much more! Styling, really great tips for my photos, branding(!) and..as the most unexpected gift: a warm, sympathetic woman who helped me dreaming bigger than before.

Martina K.

"Camera Confidence"- what´s included

Here are the main steps you will get here. The order is not fixed and will slightly be adjusted to create best results.

  • Modul 1: the Vision and goal-setting and a quick overview about possible image themes.

  • Modul 2: All about choosing the best shapes for your body, posing and doing make-up

  • Modul 3: How to compose pictures- setting, message and more

  • Modul 4- Photography with less tech and small effort

  • Modul 5- Polishing the results, Post-production, image retouch the fastest way and more

  • Modul 6- Ready to share! How to tell stories with your pictures and what to know about Insta&Co

Ready to start earning the attention and growing the audience you really want?

Frequently Asked Questions & Honest Answers

You want to know if this class may be a good fit for you?

I am not attractive enough...am I right here?

That´s the question :-). By experience, I know that every person can look great, guaranteed. We will dig deep and shape your body, bring your beautiful sides out. And identify what looks great in front of the camera.

I am completely camera-shy, how can I overcome this?

Crucial phase. But I can guarantee, you will lose your camera-shyness. Not in one day, no in one week. You will find the safe haven where you can try and learn, be your model and nobody will laugh! So, yes, you are right here.

I am not a tech lady, my pictures are bad. Is it very complicated to create nice pictures?

You don´t need to be a tech lady before! I will explain every step you need to take and you learn how you can improve your skills step by step. Actually I created this course for the camera-shy ladies without a photography education.

How can I ask questions? Am I alone with all the modules and tasks I have to do?

No, you aren´t. Actually you get one module/ topic every week, sessions, lessons, you have something to do. AND you are guided, you can ask me. Besides, we have a secret FB group for your training and showing up- there we can talk.

Is there a guarantee that I get my camera confidence and my best pictures- in the class?

I can guarantee that you get your best pictures and you will gain a lot of camera skills and confidence, I will do everything I can. BUT YOU HAVE TO BE committed and willing to got the steps I recommend and offer. Deal?

Hello, I am Frau Jona&Son

Styling Coach /Designer/ Make-up artist /self-taught photographer

Das bin ich. One day, while writing on my book "ReDesign", a horrible thought came into my mind. "In some months you have to present your book, give interviews and stand out." Horrible! I had gained weight as a mom and multitasking woman, I felt unattractive, bland and hid myself behind my work. The change came when I changed my mindset and my behaviour. JUST DO IT AND SHOW UP. With Quality. Now I can show it to you. Besides, I am a mom of 2 boys, living on a beautiful farm in Austria, I learned 4 languages, almost forgot 2 of them :-), I love nature, garden work, biking, writing on my first novel, watching English movies and being connected with the world.

Camera Confidence | Self Photography & Styling Class

Best shaping and styling tips from a styling professional with 20 years of fashion experience

  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Tips for your make-up from a studied make-up artist
  • Photography Tech and more
  • Branding advice
  • 6 weeks support
  • A Facebook group growing and cheering everyone up
  • Worth.....2000€
  • Self Photography & Styling Class
    6 Wochen-Kurs, 10 Wochen Support

    € 679 Einmalzahlung

Instalment plan available| Ratenzahlung möglich- Contact me. office(@)fraujonason.com


  • Freundinnen-Bonus: Bei Buchung von 2 Kursen sparen beide Ladies je 39 Euro.
  • Du hast den Selbstlernkurs schon gekauft? Du sparst  39 Euro.
  • Ratenzahlung möglich: je 3 x 230

BITTE MIT MIR KONTATKT AUFNEHMEN FÜR die Zahlungsweise. office(at)fraujonason.com

BONUS for the "English" People:

  • As it is my first English class, the first 2 English students get a bonus of 179€ Euro!
  • Instead of 679, you pay 500€. 
  • The next 3 students save79€ each and pay 600€.
  • Instalment payment is possible.
  • Please send me a mail to office(at)fraujonason.com

Happy to work with you and see you thrive!

Ich freue mich schon auf Dich und Deine schönen BIlder!

Herzlichst, Frau Jona&Son

2 months from now you can either be stuck in the same place or you are known as the expert in your field.

It is up to you. Choose your way. Going and struggling alone with hiding your body and person or showing up- no matter which clothes size. Just think of the income you can earn when showing up- but not as the struggling person- as the sparkling version. Think of the difference. JUST DO IT. You deserve the best. Especially in these challenging times.

About Frau Jona&Son

Frau Jona&Son is Sonja Wöhrenschimmel-Wahl. Studied Textile Arts and Design. Fashiondesigner. First Austrian "EcoFashion Blog", since 2007. Fashiondesign, workshops for redesign and style. Author of "ReDesign", March 2016, Haupt Verlag. Diploma Style Consulting. Diploma Make-up-artist. Several articles for Austrian magazines. Covered in several Austrian and German magazines, newspapers, platforms.