High-achieving woman, welcome!

Can you afford not standing out yet? But how to look good with curves? MY TIP: Before you give up and close the door to amazing fashion and styles forever which just fit to the slim and perfect women- read this. 1. Learn to shape your body best. 2. Learn the styling secrets and use them. 3. Be in alignment with your message and biz. With this style class you will be able to style yourself taller, slimmer, more attractive. You will learn how to style like a pro. Whatever your goals is, maybe to look as slim as possible, you will see that you can look better than a slim woman. Guaranteed. WONDER WOMAN is not just a fancy title.

Limited spots are available. This is not a random self-learning course. This is a real style changing time where you transform!!, You can call it your exclusive quality time as well, with your style guide. 

All the best,Frau Jona&Son, designer, stylist and curvy woman. :-)

I cannot wait, I am ready!

Never stop yourself because you don´t like your body. This body and this face can carry you through the important presentation to your clients, an intimate conversation, taking pictures, standing in front of 100 people. Transform your style, love your body again and win their hearts.

SEE THE DIFFERENCE? Sandra always felt bad in her body. Wore random body-covering dresses with leggings. Okay, she loved her eyes...but the rest?? Just see these two pictures. The same person, before and after styling. See the difference of expression. From bland plus-size to bold boss in easy-to-follow steps. It is a question of style technique, of photography skills, of make-up. THIS SHOULD BE YOU. This is you, when you start your body shape journey.

Curious to get your Style Makeover?

FIRST: BODY SHAPE. FACE. SECOND: HOW TO STYLE SOLID AND STUNNING. THIRD: STYLE STRATEGY- TO SHOW THEM HOW THEY SHOULD SEE YOU. It is as simple as it is. And as difficult when you have no idea HOW. Will we just copy slim model looks? No! The best thing: You don´t need to study fashion or make a diet. You will be guided- step by step. And the best thing: you get this style makeover for a very affordable price.


“Dear Sonja, I want to tell you what has happened after you changed my look. First, I want to thank you! I love to style myself up and have been upgrading my wardrobe after your coaching. People notice me and it doesn´t feel overwhelming any more. I am cool, I am curvy and bold and I stay in the limelight. And I am successful! People trust me, they pay my higher(!) prices and that pushes me further and further. But the first step was you. Thank you so much!”

Sabine M.

YOUR BODY SHAPE MAKEOVER 2020 and what you get.

  • You get your tailor-made professional styling

    You get your beautiful body back! Learn step by step how to adjust your body with the right shapes, accessories, colour combos and more. And you will love make-up!

  • You become visible

    Imagine standing up and showing yourself NOW. HELP!! Okay, imagine you have someone on your side helping you step by step to show up with ease and feeline safe in your body? This is what you get. No need for fear again.

  • You will look great on every photo, on your Insta, on your videos and in real life

    12 weeks taking action and being guided. In simple and useful steps you build your technical know-how in taking pictures, styling, finding your brand message. For real life and your social media accounts. Step by step by step.

  • Charge higher prices and make more income

    You uplift your look, look more polished and elegant. As attractive or wildly edgy as you want. Does this help building trust in your dream clients or audience? Yes, absolutely! You don´t need to persuade them any longer.

  • Align with your message and your dream audience

    Branding is so important when you not only look better, look capable but also attract the right people. Does a healer need the same look as a lawyer? No! So, you will learn which colours, which shapes and clothes support your message so that the right people WILL SEE YOU.

  • Yippieh! You get tailor-made advice from your personal coach

    It is true. This program may have group coaching parts, as our uplifting group and more- BUT YOUR STYLES and your branding is tailor-made! Every week you get your personal chat, you get laser-focused advice for your profession, body, age topics and needs.

FIRST. You find your body beauty.

Your colours, your shape and how to style them the best way. No need to look like the funny curvy woman, you can really rock the stage.

Become your styling strategist.

NEXT STEP. Do you want more? Great! Now we start styling more strategically. Step by step you learn how to do. To look best for the goals in your business and in private life. Meeting, camera-beauty, Instagram, the first dinner with your new love? Perfect.

Learn how to take great pictures of yourself and look good in front of the camera

Learn the tips and tricks and apps how you can make and adjust your own pictures. And never make bad-styled videos. No need to buy expensive equipment- work smart!

FIND YOUR BRAND SOUL MESSAGE and show it in a higher quality

Branding with your personal style? Yes, my dear. We will work with your styles, find the perfect colours and key styles for your social media, your client calls, your presentations and so on.... Without a diet, being perfect, slim and young, wthout being a millionaire you can look like a successful woman who attracts the right people. Trust the process.

Create your easy-to-use-closet for your purpose

When you know what clothes and styles you really need and want, when you removed the wrong pieces- It is easy for you to combine clothes. Every day, every occasion. So, dressing is a matter of minutes and joy now.

Hello, I am Frau Jona&Son

Founder, stylist, designer.

This is me. One day, while writing on my book "ReDesign", a horrible thought came into my mind. In some months you have to present your book, give interviews and stand out." Horrible! I gained weight and felt unattractive, bland and hid myself behind my website. AND I HAD NO MONEY LEFT FOR NEW STYLES!!! The change came when I changed my mindset. JUST DO IT AND SHOW UP. FIRST, I became my own client and digged deep. Found the styles which make me felt secure, beautiful and made my life amazing. Learned a lot about personal branding. And I finally got aligned with my dream clients! Now I show my clients how to transform, firnd their styles, show their expertise and feel really great when they see themselves in the mirror. And attract the tribe they long for, with more ease. Besides, I am a mom of 2 boys, living on a beautiful farm in Austria, love nature, garden work, biking, writing and being connected with the world.


12 weeks STYLING CLASS with Sonja (3000$ value)

Photographic skills and techniques for everyday use( 500$ value)

Social Media tricks and tips(1000$ value)

lifetime freedom from wrong-buys and shelve-warmers in the closet (1000s of dollars, yes!)

and so much more...


(More than 6000 dollars value)

YOUR INVESTMENT  is just 2970€ for a short time, the price will rise afterwards,

6 months from now you can either be stuck in the same place or you are known as the expert in your field.

It is up to you. Choose your way. Going and struggling alone with hiding your body and person or showing up- no matter which clothes size. Just think of the income you can earn when showing up- but not as the struggling person- as the sparkling version. Think of the difference.

About Frau Jona&Son

Frau Jona&Son is Sonja Wöhrenschimmel-Wahl. Studied Textile Arts and Design. Fashiondesigner. First Austrian "EcoFashion Blog", since 2007. Fashiondesign, workshops for redesign and style. Author of "ReDesign", March 2016, Haupt Verlag. Diploma Style Consulting. Diploma Make-up-artist. Several articles for Austrian magazines. Covered in several Austrian and German magazines, newspapers, platforms.