How to change from underpaid and no-style to high-ticket price and bursting beauty? How embrace your body and feel like the professional entrepreneur you are? Without diet and without breaking the budget? I am going to show you how.

Is this you? You are the most unimpressive person on this planet, you think. Am I right? What you will get in this course will change you. Feel and look amazing as you embrace your body with renewed confidence. Create your signature look which sets you apart from your competitors. Find self-confidence to go live, make videos, go on stage to present your great work.. And shine like the professional entrepreneur you are!" I’m going to show you how. This course will guide you through- step by step. It is not about becoming someone else. You are enough. This course shows you powerful styles which shape your curves in an amazing way. You don´t need to rob the bank, you don´t need to make a diet before. And you are not alone!! BONUS: As you enroll, you will be part of my facebook group for game-changers like you. Ready for more course benefits? Scroll down & enjoy!

Game-changing benefits of this course

  • Become attractive and feel confident in your body with smart style techniques

    Your face looks fresh, your body well-shaped, you look amazing. How does it feel? Smart style techniques- colour, shapes, tricks, proportion modifying- lift you up. Self-confidence while embracing your curves. No diet needed.

  • Shine like the professional entrepreneur you are- with smart wardrobe-tricks

    What a difference! You look thrilling, wealthy, stylish. High quality style= more trust=higher price. You feel secure and well in your clothes. You belong to the best now. Without robbing the bank. Smart shopping and using the own wardrobe for a professional success-look.

  • Mindset Regeneration. You are not stressed with being visible any more.

    Huh, what has happened to you? Honestly, will you miss the invisible person who hated her curves? Now People see you, take you seriously. And they want to buy from you. Because of you. Your self-confidence got new ideas and exercises to grow.

Hello, I am Frau Jona&Son

Founder, Style & Image coach, fashiondesigner. And a curvy lady.

Hello you! How to become visible and brave for your success- even if you are shy, feel too fat & don´t like your body. I know very well how striggle feel like. When you shy at the limelight because there are issues... 3 years ago I was in trouble. My design book was published and I had no idea how to be a charismatic magnet. I gained some weight after giving birth to my kids, my dresses didn´t fit and I felt ashamed. So I became my own client, identifying signature styles both for looking amazing and feeling secure, even with round hips. I found the magic pieces and strategies and broke the limits of style. And I share them with my many clients and in this course.
Hello, I am Frau Jona&Son


“Dear Sonja, I want to tell you what has happened after you changed my look. First, I want to thank you! I love to style myself up and have been upgrading my wardrobe after your coaching. People notice me and it doesn´t feel overwhelming any more. I am cool, I am curvy and bold and I stay in the limelight. And I am successful! People trust me, they pay my higher(!) prices and that pushes me further and further. But the first step was you. Thank you so much!”

Sabine M.Sabine M.

This course is a game-changer. Manifesting your big vision with style? Yes!

Can you change your appearance in a few hours? No, of course not! This 4 weeks-challenge guides you through the steps, from shaping your body to becoming visible, feeling creating your rich and professional look. We will do a lot of fun work, inviting the mind to come with us. Letting self-love grow the more attractive you become. Every week you get a new step to go. 4 big steps- 4 weeks. Take the time to dive deep into your own growth. I am happy to guide you through. Ready for your breakthrough? This december 2019 is your start in an amazing 2020. This is especially for you. Your Christmas present.

  • Become visible and meaningful

  • Shape your body with the right clothes shapes

  • Create rich and classy looks without robbing the bank

  • Look fresh and vital at any age

  • Attract the right customers

4 steps, 4 weeks to grow

  • Modul 1: Shaping your body and feeling secure

    Shaping the body with the best clothes and style tricks/ The right style for your mission/ slimmer, taller, more body, less body- it´s all about proportion.

  • Modul 2: how to become visible

    The right colours/ shiny colour combinations/Mindset rules/ looking vital and meaningful

  • Modul 3: Create value

    How to identify quality looks/ how to create rich looks without robbing the bank/ wardrobe restyle/ the successful mindset

  • Modul 4: Your unique style and glitter

    This is the great final. We put together all the new knowledge and style sense and you are about to create your own success style. Fun exercises for your new bold self included.

  • The playful steps to the style magnet

    ➤ think big before you are ➤ grow self-love ➤ become visible ➤ feel secure ➤ show value ➤ charge higher prices ➤ love yourself ➤ become unique ➤ shine ➤ you are big

Ready to rock your business? Ready to become the Confident Entrepreneur You Were Meant To Be? Find your unique style with smart styling strategies that fit within your budget? And shine like the professional entrepreneur you are?" The course will start at the 1st of January 2020. Pre-sell price available for a short time.

Get started now! Pre-Sell Price: 299! Regular price after the 16th of December: 699$

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  • For which women entrepreneurs is "From bland to chic-"

    I created this course for all the female entrepreneurs and for people with a creative mind who want to find the perfect mixture of professional and unique look. People who are interested in fashion. Nice people who trust the expert. :-)

  • Do I need a lot of money to gain the "rich look" you are recommending?

    No! I will show you creative and smart techniques of a rich and upgrade styling even if you are at the beginning of your business. Wardrobe finds, different clothes ressources instead of buying new from the next Boss store, e.g. will be a part, too.

  • Is it really possible to make non-slim persons rich and professional looking- and...slimmer?

    Definitely yes! Just mention. I cannot make a curvy person, let´s say, a size 12 ,14 or 16 more look like a slim person. But that is not the point! The point is looking fabulous as the person you are. Using the best clothing shapes and proportion tricks you can stretch proportions. So, it is not about making every curvy woman slim. It is about making every curvy woman attractive and beautiful. You are good enough as you are. I help to make you shine.

  • Can I ask any questions when I need help?

    This course is built for self-learning at an affordable price. BUT I have created a BONUS: When you enroll, you become a member of my exclusive Facebook group, where your questions will be answered. Plus: you are not alone. You have like-minded people for growing together!

What will change when you go from bland to chic?

Take a minute and just feel. What does your heart say?

Discovering that you are attractive will change everything. When you feel and look amazing with your body, this will renew your confidence. Now you shine like the professional entrepreneur you are! Think of the effect it will have on your clients, and customers! Order "Elevate your style" today and step into your new normal!
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About Frau Jona&Son

Frau Jona&Son is Sonja Wöhrenschimmel-Wahl. Studied Textile Arts and Design. Fashiondesigner. First Austrian "EcoFashion Blog", since 2007. Fashiondesign, workshops for redesign and style. Author of "ReDesign", March 2016, Haupt Verlag. Diploma Style Consulting. Diploma Make-up-artist. Several articles for Austrian magazines. Covered in several Austrian and German magazines, newspapers, platforms.